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The sequence of work - How we deliver your paving services from start to finish

When you contact us we will agree an appointment to come and visit you to discuss your needs. The job is then surveyed and a firm fixed price quotation is given to you. If you accept our quotation we will agree an approximate start date (please remember we never leave a job until it is finished, so at this stage it is an approximate date)

We will give a firm date as soon as we are sure when the previous job to yours will be finished. Before commencement we will discuss colour and pattern options to suit your particular needs. We will ring you the day before the agreed start date just to make sure its still convenient for you.
The day has come, we arrive to install your driveway or patio, and we are yours until it is finished.

The job goes as follows.

Stage 1: excavate and remove all debris from site to a suitable sub grade level

Stage 2: install drainage, kerbs and base (usually concrete but can vary according to site conditions.

Stage 3: screed sand layer to fine levels

Stage 4: lay brick surface, cutting blocks around edge as necessary.

Stage 5: tidy up and invite you to inspect finished work.

The time scale of each stage will depend on the size and complexity of the job, you will be informed of the approx duration at the pricing stage. We do not ask for any deposits or payment in advance, but we do ask for payment on completion unless an alternative arrangement was agreed before starting the work.

The completed work is guaranteed for 10 years against faulty workmanship or materials, except when a suppliers guarantee is for a shorter date, then the suppliers guarantee shall be honoured .